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Ladies Defensive Handgun Course

Ladies Defensive Handgun Course Course number: KTG-200L Course Length: 5 Hours Skill Level: Novice / Intermediate Maximum Class Size: 10 Range Requirement: Yes Course Description:  The ladies Defensive Handgun course is designed for shooters of all skill levels, but targeted toward the female who is carrying, or is considering the carry of a handgun in a […]

Defensive Shotgun 1

This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course  NOTICE to VIP Students – This course is provided at a discount to VIP members and is not an included course Course number: KTG600 Course Length: Approximately 5 hours  Skill Level: Novice / Intermediate  Maximum Class Size: 10  Range Requirement: Yes  Course Description:  The Defensive Shotgun 1 Course is […]

AR Maintenance

Course number: KTG-510 Course Length: 3 hours classroom instruction Skill Level: Beginner / New Gun Owner Maximum Class Size: 8 Range Requirement: No Course Description: The AR maintenance course is designed to provide hands-on training to all common maintenance tasks for AR-15 and AR-10 derived firearms.  This class does not […]

Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals

Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals Course This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course Course number: KTG-208 Course Length: 6 Hours – Range Skill Level: All Maximum Class Size: 10 Range Requirement: Yes Course Description:The Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals course is designed to train the student how to properly employ a RDS […]

Instructor Development Course 1

Kenaz Tactical Group instructor Development Course level 1 Course number: KTG-999 Course Length: 16 hours – Classroom / Range Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate Maximum Class Size: 10 Range Requirement: Yes Course Description:  The Kenaz Tactical Group instructor development course is intended to enhance existing firearms instructors ability to transfer knowledge effectively to an […]

Special Event – Combat Shotgun Course

Combat Shotgun 2 Day Length: 2 DayCost: $550 Course DescriptionThe shotgun is the defensive tool of choice for many because of its high hit probability andgeneral ease of use. This course will help you get the most out of your pump action or semi autoshotgun. We will discuss weapon and […]

Introduction to Precision Rifle

Introduction to Precision Rifle Course Course number: KTG-700i Course Length: 8 hours – RANGE Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate Maximum Class Size: 6 Range Requirement: Yes Course Description:  The Introduction to Precision Rifle course is perfect for new and veteran shooters, hunters and students interested in developing the skill to shoot long range weapons […]

Special Event – Guest Instructor Course

Kenaz Tactical Group is proud to offer special events and guest instructor courses several times per year. We partner with the best in the industry to provide our students with the opportunity to learn not only from our respected cadre, but many outside instructors who provide interesting and relevant perspectives […]

VIP Club Event

The Kenaz Tactical Group VIP Club is a great way to take your training to the next level. Each club event provides a safe environment that allows students to reinforce lessons learned in past classes. Each event is supervised by instructors and/or other VIP students with NRA Range Safety Officer […]

Re-ACT Defense Course

Re-ACT Defense – Responsible and Applied Critical Thinking Defense Course This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course Course number: KTG-650 Course Length: 8 hours Skill Level: Intermediate Maximum Class Size: 10 Range Requirement: Yes / Airsoft Course Description:  The Re-ACT Defense Course is a force on force class that places students in a number of real […]