Instructor Development Course 1

Kenaz Tactical Group instructor Development Course level 1

Course number: KTG-999

Course Length: 16 hours – Classroom / Range

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Maximum Class Size: 10

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description:  The Kenaz Tactical Group instructor development course is intended to enhance existing firearms instructors ability to transfer knowledge effectively to an adult learner. Although directed toward existing firearms instructors, this course may also be attended by new instructors wishing to ‘learn to teach’ and is a required course to begin teaching for Kenaz Tactical Group.
Completion of this course will allow successful students to begin assisting in classes run by Kenaz Tactical Group. Students interested in teaching KTG material as an associate instructor must complete an internship as well as certify to teach individual classes.

Course training topics:

  • Introductions – the right way
  • Understanding the adult learner
    • Know your audience
    • Approaches to teaching
    • Methods of teaching
    • The WHY is as important as the HOW
  • Classroom and Range etiquette
  • Effective communication
  • Practical Exercises
    • Teaching both in classroom and range
  • Range Safety
  • Range Qualification
    • MUST pass to continue with day 2 of training
  • Range Instruction
    • Diagnosing problems
    • Encouraging success
    • Student accountability
    • the “tough” student
  • After Action Reviews
  • Next Steps

Other Information:

  • As of this date, the State of Colorado requires an instructor hold and NRA certification to teach Concealed Permit classes, this is NOT part of the KTG Development course.

Cost: $450.00  

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