Re-ACT Defense Course

Re-ACT Defense – Responsible and Applied Critical Thinking Defense Course

Force in Force training
Force on Force Training Area

This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course

Course number: KTG-650

Course Length: 8 hours

Skill Level: Intermediate

Maximum Class Size: 10

Range Requirement: Yes / Airsoft

Course Description:  The Re-ACT Defense Course is a force on force class that places students in a number of real world defensive scenarios intended to force critical thinking and decision making. The course is set in a small mock ‘shoot house’ utilizing Airsoft weapons to add to the realism and test the students ability to perform under stress. This course is not the ‘typical’ force on force class that often degrades into a ‘game’.

The course is demanding physically and mentally and requires students to move, run, use barricades, and think on the fly. Friends and family are encouraged to attend this course especially if they reside or work together.

A Pre-Requisite course is required to attend this course: Pre-Requisite class may be any level 1 class (pistol or rifle)

The Re-ACT course includes:

  • Safety Briefing and Equipment Operation
  • Critical Thought and Decision making process
  • Basic home defense techniques
  • Use of Cover / Concealment review
  • Movement through structures
  • Team movement inside and outside the home (pairs)
  • Numerous scenarios challenging each student
  • Extensive peer review

Other Information:

  • Student may use quality Airsoft weapons or rent equipment at the facility ($20/day + ammo)
  • Range fee is $20/day payable to the facility

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