Intro to Carbine / Rifle / AR15

Students learn fundamentals and zero weapons

This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course

Course number: KTG-500i

Course Length: 4 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

Maximum Class Size: 6

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description:

The Intro to Carbine course is a basic course developed for first time AR15 owners and students wishing to attend one of our more advanced carbine courses. The course teaches the fundamentals of rifle shooting required to effectively operate the AR15 as well as ensure students understand rifle zero and demonstrate marksmanship by passing zero qualification.

The Intro to Carbine course covers the following:

  • Firearm Safety Rules review
  • Safe Handling of Firearms review
  • History of the AR15
  • Function of the AR15
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Basic Marksmanship fundamentals
  • AR15 zero (range)

Additional Information:

  • Students should bring at least 100 rounds of commercial ammo
  • Students should bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more magazines
  • Students should bring at least 5 ‘snap caps’ in the caliber of their firearm
  • Students should supply their own firearm due to the nature of the course.

Cost: $75.00

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