Shooting Classes

All skill level shooters welcome!

Kenaz Tactical Group provides shooting classes and firearm training in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area and nationally for shooters of any skill level.

Our hands-on, student-centered instruction is designed to improve the shooters competence, confidence, and ability in a variety of disciplines. All of our instructors are NRA Certified to ensure our students receive the highest level of instruction available in the training industry.

Families, groups, and even the youngsters will benefit from learning the basics of firearm safety, shooting fundamentals and responsible firearm ownership. Family, Group, and Corporate rates are available for most courses. We also offer an annual membership program, the VIP Student program, pay a single annual payment and train all year!

Please e-mail for information and group rates. One on One training available and flexible classroom dates for an additional charge.

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Shooting and Medical Course Catalog

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Did you know?
ALL of our handgun courses far EXCEED the Colorado State requirement to obtain a concealed handgun permit, if you do not see a dedicated Colorado Concealed Permit course on our schedule, ANY of our handgun courses will work!

Course #Course NameSkill Level Cost
KTG-101Back to basics – PistolNovice$50
KTG-200Colorado Concealed Permit – Phase 1Beginner$100
KTG-201iIntro to Defensive HandgunBeginner$75
KTG-201Defensive Pistol 1Intermediate$200
KTG-202Defensive Pistol 2Intermediate +$200
KTG-400Advanced Defensive PistolAdvanced$400
KTG-208Pistol Red Dot FundamentalsBeginner +$150
KTG-500iIntro to Defensive Rifle / CarbineNovice$75
KTG-500Tactical Rifle / Carbine 1Intermediate $200
KTG-510AR MaintenanceBeginner$75
KTG-550Tactical Rifle / Carbine 2Intermediate +$225
KTG-575Advanced Defensive CarbineAdvanced$400
KTG-700iIntroduction to Precision RifleBeginner$200
KTG-700Precision Rifle 1Beginner / Intermediate$400
KTG-800Carjack Defense / Counter AmbushIntermediate$200
KTG-MEDCivilian Medical / TCCC 1Novice$200
KTG-300Night Fire FundamentalsBeginner+$100
NRA-101NRA Basic PistolNovice$125
NRA-200NRA Personal Protection In the HomeBeginner$175
NRA-300NRA Personal Protection outside the HomeIntermediate$175
NRA-400NRA Range Safety Officer CourseBeginner$125
KTG-600Defensive Shotgun 1Novice / Intermediate$175
KTG-650RE-ACT Defensive CourseIntermediate$200

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