NRA Certified instructor

All of our instructors, both on staff or contracted, are NRA Certified Instructors and adhere to the strict quality and training standards demanded by KTG and the National Rifle Association.

Chief Firearms Instructor

Robert Butler

Robert is an 18 year veteran of the United States Army and Army National Guard. Serving from 1984 to 2001, Robert served as a Combat Engineer as well as working in the Artillery field in counter-fire.

Robert has 30 years of shooting experience in defensive and tactical shooting encompassing several disciplines to include Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun and Precision Rifle.

Robert is certified by the National Rifle Association, an NRA Certified CHIEF Range Safety officer and a certified Special Operations Connection instructor. Robert has trained with some of the best in the industry most notably, former SFOD-D (Delta) Team Leader – Dale Comstock, PDN Director and trainer – Rob Pincus and Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical.

Robert continues to train on a daily basis on his home range as well as attending firearms training courses locally and nationally.

Robert donates part of his time training youth shooters with the Youth Shooters of America, spending at least a week a year traveling the country to support the next generation of responsible firearm owners. Additionally, Robert is an executive on the board of Directors for Pikes Peak Gun Club, a non-profit range located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Robert now teaches nationally moving the brand to several states including Utah, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Texas and Michigan.

Roberts NRA certifications include:

  • NRA Pistol
  • NRA Rifle
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home
  • NRA Metallic Reloading
  • NRA Shotshell Reloading
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

In addition to his NRA certifications, Robert has successfully completed several law enforcement handgun courses as a Former Colorado Ranger. Robert is also a member of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors.

Other notables

Roberts training style encourages student success, whether training novice or experienced shooters, Robert is patient, helpful and takes the time to ensure his students are competent and confident upon graduation from any of our classes.

Lead Instructor

Rifle Classes

Zac Hester

Zac is an NRA Certified firearms instructor with certifications in pistol and rifle instruction.

Zac first started shooting recreationally when he was 10 years old.  He spent many of the intervening years target shooting, hunting, attending defensive classes, and competing in 3-gun, 2-gun, and IDPA.  He has received training for TCCC/TECC (traumatic casualty care) as well as attending wilderness medical and outdoor/backcountry survival classes.

An electrical engineer by education, Zac has also taught professionally as an adjunct professor at the college level.  In 2017, Zac joined the Kenaz Tactical Group VIP Student Program and has been training regularly across all disciplines ever since.

His desire to become a better shooter has led him to merge his experience as an instructor with his knowledge of marksmanship.

As an adjunct to Robert, Zac employs the same successful and evolving curricula that has made Kenaz Tactical Group the most successful firearms training academy in Colorado.

Long Range Precision Rifle 

John Resendes 

John is a 20 year veteran of the US Army serving much of his career as an Infantry NCO, John attended the Army Officer Basic course and served as both an Armor Officer and finally retiring as an executive level Medical Officer.
John has been a part of several combat and peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and Iraq.
Upon retirement, John continued to work in Executive protection and is currently the owner of a local security company providing premises and personal security services.

John’s primary training focus after retirement has been long range precision rifle (DDM) and has completed dozens of long range and sniper courses, most notably;

  • GPS Sniper Instructor course
  • ITTS Advanced Sniper course
  • Badlands Urban sniper and Advanced sniper II
  • ESI DDM (Designated Defensive Marksman) Resident
  • LRPRC – Black Hills

In addition to the numerous precision rifle courses, John has attended numerous military and civilian Executive Protection, and medical courses and is a Certified Protection Specialist (ESI), EMT-B, and TCCC.
Executive Protection courses:

  • ESI Certified Protection Specialist
  • Trojan Security Counter Terrorism Operations PSD

Military Schools: 

  • Infantry Basic Training
  • Airborne Course
  • Air Assault Course
  • Weapons Instructor Course
  • Infantry Basic Non-Commission Officer Course
  • Officer Basic Course
  • Captains Career Course

Medical Schools:

  • Emergency Medical Technical Basic (EMT-B)
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course


Mike Mednansky

Mike is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, and U.S. Army, Retiring after almost 12 years of combined service. As a result of his service Mike brings an interesting array of skills and experience to the Kenaz Tactical team.

He continues to serve as a counter IED Instructor for the U.S. Army – 10th Special Forces Group, as well as volunteering his expertise and time with the C.S.P.D Bomb Squad. He continues to hone his firearms skills by competing in local IDPA matches and attending various firearms and tactics courses. Mike is a certified NRA RSO, and Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor.

Mike’s initial period of service with the U.S. Navy was as a Gunner’s Mate on board the USS Vella Gulf (CG72). During this period Mike performed duties as the Ships Armorer, Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor, Boarding Team Leader, and Force Protection Team Leader. During this period Mike deployed twice to the Arabian Gulf aboard the Cruiser, USS Vella Gulf.

Notable Navy Courses:
• Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor Course (0812 Identifier)
• Force Protection Fundamentals Course
• MK19 40MM Machinegun Operation and Maintenance Course
• M242 25MM Machinegun Operation and Maintenance Course
• Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure Course (VBSS)
• Blackwater Shipboard Security Engagement Weapons Course
• Armed Sentry Course
• M2 .50 Caliber Machinegun Operation and Maintenance Course

Mike then performed an inter-service transfer to the U.S. Army and became an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. In this role he deployed to both Iraq an Afghanistan during major offensive surge campaigns. Mike performed duties as an EOD Team Leader and Platoon Sergeant during his enlistment.

While deployed he led his 3 man team in countering all explosive threats encountered by the combat units the team was attached to. He was wounded on his second Army tour in Kandahar AFG, and retired in July of 2012 as a result of those wounds. During his short career, he served 30 months of deployment time over 4 separate deployments in support of ongoing US operations.

Notable Army Courses:

• Advanced IED Disposal Course
• Army Basic Instructors Course
• Combat Lifesaver Course
• Army EOD Course Phase 3– Nuclear Weapons
• Advanced EOD Chemical Energetics Course (Home Made Explosives Manufacture)
• Modern Army Combatives Course
• Tactical Post Blast Investigation Course
• U.S. Army Air Assault Course
• Global Anti-Terrorism and Operational Readiness Course
• Asymmetric Threats to EOD Course
• ATF IED Electronics Exploitation Course
• FBI Combat Zone Post Blast Course
• Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal