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The following are all the upcoming classes at Kenaz Tactical Group, Inc.  Click on the class name to see the signup details.
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Carbine 1 - Tactical Rifle / Carbine 1

April 06, 2024

The Tactical Carbine / Rifle essentials course develops the students basic ability to properly shoot and maintain the AR/AK / Mini-14 platform Carbine / Rifle. The course is intended for shooters of all levels, whether a new AR-15 owner or a seasoned shooter, the skills taught create the basis of threat focused shooting and defense using the carbine platform. Don’t let the name fool you, this is a tough course and all level shooters will benefit from the course content..

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Into to Precision Rifle - Introduction to Precision Rifle Course

April 14, 2024

The Introduction to Precision Rifle course is perfect for new and veteran shooters, hunters and students interested in developing the skill to shoot long range weapons for sport, competition or hunting. The course is heavy on fundamentals, pure precision, understanding your equipment and applying fundamentals out to 200 yards with the goal of shooting a 1 minute group, zero, and building solid fundamentals to enable shooters to move on to our level 1 class and succeed.

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Introduction to Defensive Handgun Course

May 25, 2024 (09:00 a.m.)

The introduction to Defensive Handgun course is designed for shooters of all skill levels, but targeted toward a student who is carrying, or is considering the carry of a handgun in a concealed manner in public. Students will learn the basics of defensive shooting and how defensive shooting differs from target and recreational shooting. The Defensive shooting course starts with a fundamentals review, safety briefing and then moves straight into defensive concepts designed to give you the basic tools to effectively defend yourself in a life threatening encounter.

Defensive Pistol 1 - Defensive Pistol 1

May 26, 2024

The Defensive Pistol 1 course is an intermediate pistol shooting course that builds on the introduction to defensive pistol course. Students will learn defensive shooting techniques that will likely be required in an actual self defense situation. While maintaining shooting fundamentals, students will be challenged with several shooting drills, injected malfunctions and movement techniques.

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