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Firearms Training Colorado
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“Defensive firearms training, Beyond the bench rest” 

Kenaz Tactical Group provides firearms training to include, Colorado concealed carry permit (CCW) classes, basic to advanced defensive pistol courses, tactical carbine / rifle courses and NRA shooting classes in the Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Denver areas and now nationally.

We are a veteran owned business catering to shooters of all levels. Whether you are a first-time firearm owner or a seasoned shooter, we have classes that will enhance your ability to put rounds on target. Our goal is to promote responsible firearm ownership and create safe, confident marksmen.

We believe in providing the most realistic firearms training possible. We train in a dynamic, realistic environment, not just shooting from a bench rest or comfortable indoor range. Our firearms training courses are designed to prepare students to possess the tools, skills, and knowledge to defend themselves and their families.

What makes us different?

We provide training based on science, natural body responses, biomechanics, and proven techniques. We encourage and train students to make good decisions and apply proper tactics in addition to using a firearm in defense of self or family.
When you want the WHY as well as the HOW, Kenaz Tactical Group is the answer.

Shooting courses include; Colorado Concealed Carry class, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection inside and outside the home, NRA Range Safety Officer course, Defensive Pistol shooting courses, Rifle and Carbine shooting courses, Precision Rifle courses, medical / trauma courses and a variety of firearm related classes and events. If you do not see a course date or class available, please give us a call to check schedules.
Private shooting classes and groups firearms training classes are available by appointment. Contact us for information and scheduling.

For class information and schedules, see our Shooting Classes page, call 719.602.1020 or email training@ktgfirearms.com.

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Firearms Training Colorado
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Firearms Training Colorado
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