Advanced Fighting Pistol

Advanced Fighting Pistol

Advanced Fighting Pistol

This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course

Course number: KTG-400

Course Length: 2 Days – 18 Hours – Night Fire Day 1

Skill Level: Advanced

Maximum Class Size: 6

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description:
The Advanced Fighting Pistol course is designed to build upon the students defensive shooting skills, reinforce the basics and teach more advanced techniques necessary to survive a threat encounter. Students will undergo an intensive 2-day course challenging you with stress shooting, multiple assailants,  and much more.

This course incorporates a high level of movement, stress, disorientation, team movement, and threat recognition. Students should be prepared both physically and mentally prior to attending this course.

This is an advanced level course, beginning students should attend one of our NRA Basic Pistol courses or the KTG200 Intro to Defensive Shooting (w/ CHP class). We do accept intermediate students on a case by case basis.

The Advanced Fighting Pistol course covers the following:

  • Firearm Safety Rules review
  • Safe Handling of Firearms review
  • Shooting Fundamentals review
  • Defensive shooting theory
  • Sighted and Unsighted fire techniques
  • Speed vs precision exercises
  • Malfunction Drills (both strong and support hand – day and night)– instruction and timed
  • Reloading Drills (both strong and support hand – day and night) – instruction and timed
  • Movement techniques
    • Forward
    • Rear
    • Lateral
  • Shooting from barricade
  • Multiple threat engagements
  • Advanced movement and threat recognition
  • Night Fire
  • Shooting under stress and disorientation
  • Multiple scored exercises

Additional Information:

  • Students should bring at least 700 rounds of COMMERCIAL ammunition
  • Weapon light / tactical flashlight for night fire session
  • Students should bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more magazines
  • Students should bring at least 5 ‘snap caps’ in the caliber of their firearm
  • Students should supply their own firearm due to the nature of the course.

Cost: $400.00