NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

Course number: NRA-101

Course Length: 8 hours

Skill Level: Beginner

Maximum Class Size: 8

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description:

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting is a two-part course consisting of an e-learning portion (completed online-in your own timeframe) and a hands-on practical portion conducted at a range under the guidance and supervision of an NRA-Certified Instructor. The course is intended for all adults regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation.

More Details: Some of the topics in the course include: gun safety rules, proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, ammunition knowledge and selection, selecting and storing a pistol, the fundamentals of shooting, and pistol inspection and maintenance. When you enroll in the online course, you create a personal identification number (PIN). When you successfully complete the course, printing your certificate activates that PIN. The activated PIN allows you to register for the instructor-led training portion of the course. Go to – Find a Course Near You – select NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – and search.

During the instructor-led-training portion of the course, an NRA Certified Instructor will validate comprehension and application of gun safety rules; range protocol; proper handling; loading and unloading procedures; application of pistol shooting fundamentals; stable shooting positions; live fire; and a final shooting qualification.

Note : This course replaces the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course.

Other Information:

  • Students should supply their own firearm, KTG has limited firearms available for rental during the range session.
  • Students must supply their own ammunition for use at the range. Recommended 100 rounds for the range portion of the course.
Cost: $60.00 (NRA FEE) $50.00 (Instructor led portion – KTG) $110.00 Total cost plus range fee

Plus range fee and firearm rental (if applicable)