Changes in our Concealed Handgun Permit Course!

Colorado Concealed Permit

Changes in our Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit and Intro to Defensive shooting class!

After much deliberation and discussion, we have determined that we will be extending our Colorado CHP / Intro to defensive shooting class to 14 hours, this will of course make this a 2 day course.

We believe that students not only need the classroom portion / safety and handling class, but a full range session to demonstrate proficiency with their firearms. Basic firearm instruction does not give the students the necessary tools / skills to properly defend themselves in a threat situation, our Intro to Defensive Shooting course will teach you skills that others may consider intermediate and even advanced.

Our CHP class is one of the most complete classes available in the State. Not only do we meet the State requirement, we GREATLY Exceed it.

The CHP class will now consist of a day of classroom instruction which will include Safety, Firearm handling, Use of Force and the law, Situational Awareness, defensive shooting techniques and much more. Day 2 will consist of our Intro to Defensive shooting range session. Students will learn fundamentals, defensive shooting, sighted and unsighted fire, presentation from holster (both from concealment and open), malfunctions and more.

The new cost of our CHP class will increase to $150.00 for the 2 day course.

For questions or concerns, please reply here or give us a call @ 719-321-3256.

Thank you,
Robert Butler
Chief Firearms Instructor

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