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9:00 am Admin / Management – No classes
Admin / Management – No classes
Jun 17 @ 9:00 am – Jun 18 @ 5:00 pm
Administration and Management – Open for scheduling, no classes.
all-day Available for Private Classes @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Available for Private Classes @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Jun 19 – Jun 21 all-day
Available for Private Classes @ Kenaz Tactical Group | Colorado Springs | Colorado | United States
Kenaz Tactical Group – World class Firearms training in Colorado! “Defensive firearms training, Beyond the bench rest”  Kenaz Tactical Group provides firearms training to include, Colorado concealed handgun permit (CCW) courses, basic to advanced defensive pistol courses, tactical carbine / rifle courses and NRA shooting courses in the Colorado Springs area and now nationally. We[...]
9:00 am Private Class – Booked @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Private Class – Booked @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Jun 19 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Private Class – Booked – Unavailable for additional Classes
9:00 am Colorado Concealed Permit Course @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Colorado Concealed Permit Course @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Jun 22 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Course Description:  The Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) or “Colorado CCW” Safety course is intended for those who wish to obtain a Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit “CCW” in the state of Colorado. This is a basic to intermediate course. This course is not a 3 hour chat and award a certificate course, our firearm instruction is intended[...]
9:30 am Back to Basics – Pistol Fundamen... @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Back to Basics – Pistol Fundamen... @ Kenaz Tactical Group
Jun 22 @ 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Our new back to basics class is intended for new shooters and alumni and focuses on pure shooting fundamentals. The course consists of a 2 hour range session focusing on the students ability to control shot placement and perform fundamental tasks with the weapon. This is a great review course for those who have taken[...]


Brendan Demonstrate Threat recognition drill

Students run drill in Carbine 2

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Firearm safety and Training

The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules

The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules, Plus a Few More You Should Follow

Protecting myself and those I care about is what first interested me about firearms. Given my goal of being more safe in more situations, it’d be ironic—and even stupid—of me to not take gun safety incredibly seriously.

Regardless of what led to your […]

Range Facilities

In mid 2017, Kenaz Tactical Group moved its operation to a new facility in Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Gun Club. Since the move, our owner Robert Butler has served on the clubs Board of Directors as the Rifle / Pistol co-chair and as of September 2018, the Vice President of the club.

The move […]

New range facility

Our new range has been completed out at Dragonman’s! We’ve leased part of the property and built a new private range for student use as well as hosting private events.

The range is fully enclosed with 360 degree berm, gated and includes storage and shade (oh, and the ever important porta-potty). The new range will […]

So… you want to live in a bunker

So you want to live in a bunker?

With the recent explosion of television shows encouraging the construction of survival bunkers to protect oneself from the marauding bands of zombies and gangs of looters hell bent of stealing everything you own made me think, do I really want to live in a bunker?

Before you run […]

I’m going to the range

I’m going to the range today

So you’re headed to the range, packing up your guns, ammo, targets, safety equipment, food, water, check – Ready to go. Great! Always good to go out and train. You’ve got everything, double check your gear and head out!

You get to the range, set up your target, get your […]

I already know how to shoot!

I’ve been teaching firearms safety and defensive shooting for some time and have taught students of all skill levels. Not surprisingly, they all had one thing in common after attending a class, they LEARNED something.  People who are interested in defending themselves and their families, train, and those people typically stand a much better […]

We Like Shooting Visits Kenaz Tactical Group

We recently held a Carbine Essentials class and were visited by Shawn and Zak from the “We Like Shooting” podcast / web review crew. They both attended the class with cameras in hand and to our surprise, wrote up a very nice review of the class, complete with video!

Take a moment to read the […]

New web design and features

You might have noticed some changes in our website! 
We’ve changed a little updating some of the look and feel of the site.
We’ve added a new slider to the main page, adopted a theme which allows mobile devices better access to information and are working on new content to enhance the information presented.
We hope you […]

Changes in our Concealed Handgun Permit Course!

Changes in our Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit and Intro to Defensive shooting class!

After much deliberation and discussion, we have determined that we will be extending our Colorado CHP / Intro to defensive shooting class to 14 hours, this will of course make this a 2 day course.

We believe that students not only need the […]

Kenaz Tactical Group Announces 2014 Sponsorship of Shooter Dani Oakley

Yoder, CO, November 26, 2013: Kenaz Tactical Group proudly announces it’s 2014 sponsorship of competitive shooter and and Shooters Magazine’s Lead Contributing Editor/On Site Reporter for the women’s section, Dani Oakley (Bryan). Dani competes with “Team Packing in Pink” and recently competed at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, MO and placed 6th […]