Defensive Pistol 2

Defensive Pistol 2Combat Pistol

Course number: KTG-202

Course Length: 8 hours RANGE instruction

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Maximum Class Size: 8

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description:  The Defensive Pistol 2 course is an intermediate to advanced pistol shooting course that builds on the skills learned in the Defensive Pistol 1 course. Students will learn defensive shooting techniques that will likely be required in an actual self-defense situation. While maintaining shooting fundamentals, students will be challenged with several shooting drills, injected malfunctions, and movement techniques.
You will not only learn the ‘how’ of defensive shooting but the theory and the ‘why’ behind the skill.

The Defensive Pistol 2 course covers the following:

  • Firearm Safety Rules review
  • Safe Handling of Firearms review
  • Intermediate shooting techniques
  • Threat-focused shooting
  • Engaging threats to the left/right and rear
  • Threat Identification/PID exercises
  • Intermediate barricade exercises and movement
  • Stress and disorientation exercises
  • Introduction to team movement exercises

Additional Information:

  • Students should bring at least 450 rounds of COMMERCIAL ammunition
  • Students should bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more magazines
  • Students should bring at least 5 ‘snap caps’ in the caliber of their firearm (limited stock for sale on the day of class if needed)
  • Students should supply their own firearm due to the nature of the course.

Cost: $200.00

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