Night Fire Rifle / Pistol

August 31, 2019 @ 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Kenaz Tactical Group
450 S. Franceville Coalmine Rd
Colorado Springs
CO 80929
Robert Butler

Course Description: The Night Fire Fundamentals course challenges students in the use of both pistols and rifles in low light and no light conditions. This challenging course covers the basics of white light use, threat identification, movement in low light conditions and use of cover / concealment in low light conditions.

Due to the nature of this course, Students must have attended at least one of our Defensive Pistol or Rifle / Carbine courses prior to this course.

The Night Fire Fundamentals course covers the following:

  • Firearm Safety Rules review
  • Safe Handling of Firearms review
  • Use of handheld and weapons mounted lights
  • Threat engagement and identification
  • Movement in low light conditions
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Rifle (optional) and Pistol deployment in low light

Additional Information:
Students should bring at least 250 rounds of COMMERCIAL ammunition
Students should bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more magazines
Weapons mounted and / or handheld light required
Pistol is required, Rifle Optional
Students should supply their own firearm due to the nature of the course.

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