Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals

December 3, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Kenaz Tactical Group
450 S Franceville Coal Mine Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80929
Robert Butler

Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals Course

This is NOT an NRA Shooting Course

Course number: KTG-208

Course Length: 6 Hours – Range

Skill Level: All

Maximum Class Size: 10

Range Requirement: Yes

Course Description: The Pistol Red Dot Fundamentals course is designed to train the student how to properly employ a RDS on a carry or duty pistol. It’s recommended that prospective students have attended at a minimum the Introduction to Defensive Handgun course or other comparable pistol shooting class prior to signing up for this course.



The Pistol Red Dot Class covers the following:

  • The Red Dot Sight – The good, bad and ugly
  • Parallax and RDS
  • Proper body and head positioning
  • Proper draw stroke w/ RDS
  • Zero of the RDS
  • Common errors and challenges using the RDS
  • Occluded Optic shooting
  • Confidence building exercises

Additional Information:

  • Students should bring at least 200 rounds of COMMERCIAL ammunition
  • Students should bring at least 2, preferably 3 or more magazines
  • Students should supply their own firearm due to the nature of the course.
  • A PISTOL OPTIC (RDS, RMR, Etc.) is required for this class

Cost: $150.00

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